Tampa Building Wall Infrared Thermal Imaging

We are highly skilled professional thermographers that work all over Florida, including Tampa, St.Petersburg, Clearwater, and Hillsborough and surrounding Counties. We use high-quality, high-resolution FLIR cameras to help our clients with infrared thermal imaging. We perform ASTM, AAMA and Infraspection Institute compliant infrared thermal imaging inspections and reports on commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings.

Our Tampa Clients Use Infrared Thermal Imaging to Solve Building Issues

Building inspections in Tampa are primarily visual in nature and will only detect the most obvious problems. Weller Infrared Services uses high-quality FLIR thermal imaging cameras to find the hidden building, electrical and roofing issues that are invisible to the naked eye. Our Tampa infrared thermal imaging surveys will help detect moisture in building walls and roof systems, pinpoint energy loss areas and discover overheating electrical components. Our reports are complete, concise and will help you save money on repairs. Weller Infrared Services building wall infrared thermal imaging surveys can:

  • Trace or locate moisture in wall systems
  • Find improperly installed windows allowing water to enter the wall system
  • Locate improperly installed or missing wall flashings
  • Detect missing or improperly installed wall insulation
  • Find stucco delamination
  • Accurately determine repair or replace decisions
  • Verify completed wall repairs


  • Level 3 Certified Infrared Thermographer #8339 Infraspection Institute
  • Building Science Thermographer #30937 FLIR Systems
  • Florida Certified Building Contractor
  • Florida Certified Roofing Contractor
  • Member American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • Building Performance Institute  (BPI) Certified Blower Door and Duct Tester
  • FAA Licensed Drone Pilot